Grade School — Before & After School Care

Our before and after-school care program is developmentally based, and is available for children 6 years old and up. We promote a Christian learning foundation approach. Socially and emotionally, the students will recognize themselves as unique individuals having abilities, characteristics, feelings and interests. Physically, they will use their senses to assist and guide learning, and will use sensory information to plan and carry out movements. They will demonstrate coordination and control of large muscles, eye-hand coordination and dexterity needed to manipulate objects. Sequences of large motor skills will be combined with and without the use of equipment.

Children will learn to regulate responses to needs, feelings and events. They will develop positive relationship with peers, understand and follow routines, and learn to adapt to change. They will approach tasks, activities and problems with creativity, imagination and try new experiences and activities. They will demonstrate curiosity, initiative and persistence. They will actively and confidently engage in play as a means of exploration and learning. They will learn to demonstrate personal care and hygiene skills, awareness and understanding of healthy habits.

Spiritually, students will develop a personal faith in Jesus Christ.